Portfolio Reviews By Industry Pros

Get the kind of constructive feedback you've been dreaming of on your portfolio, reel or project in under 10 days from industry pros.

How It Works

How It Works

In the first of it's kind service, Make Create Academy is a portfolio review service made for Designers, Illustrators, Animators and Filmmakers.

MCA is for artists of any age or skill level looking to get the kind of personal critique artists could once only dream of.

  • First, select the type of review that's right for you.

  • Then, within 10 business days, our team of industry experts will review your portfolio, work or reel. If you choose a live review, you'll select the date and time.

  • You'll then receive a private recorded video for your portfolio review.

Short Review

Book Review
  • 10-15 Min recorded review
  • Great for specific work or a reel
  • Get honest constructive feedback from an industry pro

Live Review

Book Review
  • 60 min LIVE recorded review with an industry expert
  • Great for full portfolio and general career advice
  • Get honest constructive feedback from an industry pro

What People Are Saying

Working as a remote freelancer it's a bit of a bubble, I can ask a buddy to look at my portfolio and will likely get a quick surface level, "yup, looks good man, but maybe lose this piece." So to be able to get a trusted colleague to really dig through and critique the same way a hiring CD or producer would, is pretty invaluable. Point being, love this Make Create Academy idea, hope lots of people sign up, and thanks for really putting together a solid critique.

- Sean Van Praag (Motion Designer)